For more than 25 years, McTavish Law PLC has provided thorough, aggressive, and cost-effective legal representation in both the trial and appellate courts of the United States and Canada. Our lawyers represent large and small public and private companies, individuals, and governments in civil and criminal matters. 


To date we have represented clients in the following courts in the U.S. and Canada:

U.S Federal Courts

  • Sixth Circuit and Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Eastern and Western District of Michigan, the Southern District of Ohio, Eastern District of Kentucky, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the Northern District of Illinois, Central District of California, and the Northern District of Indiana

  • U.S. Tax Court

U.S State Courts

  • California, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio

Canadian and Provincial Courts

  • Supreme Court of Canada and the Provincial Courts of Ontario, Québec, Nova Scotia, Alberta, and British Columbia

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